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laparoscopy support

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Hi everyone,

I'm going to have a laparoscopy in just over a week and I'm really nervous. I'm scared about the pain I will face immediately after the procedure as well as my first period after the operation.

I would describe myself as a nervous patient, and so any support, encouragement or words of wisdom / advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Surgery is nothing, it's the gas they fill you with during the op, the after affect of that is the worst part, massages help ease the pain from the gas and there is lots of other ways to help it too.

I will be very surprised if they let you have a period after (if you defiantly have endo) as they will give you options pretty much straight away, as they did with me.

But always keep in mind every one is different and react to things in different ways!

Good luck with your op and get well soon. After xx

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Hello esperanza from Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours) I am a retired gynae theatre nurse, I can tell you that pain relief is given in theatre before you go to recovery and a prescription of further pain relief given to the recovery staff, 99.9% of the gas they use to inflate your tum is pushed out before you leave theatre too. You will not be sent home until you have peed and are 99.9% pain free, good gynae surgeons use glue now for the incisions not sutures. Scare mongering with ladies should air on caution, this is YOUR body and only YOU will deal with a positive recovery..


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