Can you book a lap with your GP before seeing your Gynacologist

Where the Gynacologist would do the laproscopy but just book it ahead of time because I'm waiting till Halloween to see this doctor and I'm barely functioning as it is. I have an appointment with my pediatrictian next Tuesday.I saw the wait time topic posted earlier and I assummed they were done really quickly since my current gyn said she would book it in a month or 2 once I had taken the birth control and had no clearing of symptoms.

I'm in Canada so I'm not sure if there's a time difference.

The Gynacologist I'm going to see is a specialist, it would be for my diagnostic lap. I'm just worried by the time I get it done I'll have already missed half of the school year.

I just don't want to ask the question and sound like an idiot like the time I asked my current gyn for an MRI...

Can anyone give some insight?

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  • Hi Hannah - when a GP refers you to a specialist they are asking for the specialist's opinion. If a lap is considered appropriate then only the specialist can make this decision. This will be the same everywhere.

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