Hi, I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis last year by a consultant obstetrician&gyneacologist. She managed to remove some of the endometriosis (she managed to unstuck both ovaries which was stuck on my uterus). After the surgery I felt a bit better, but now my pain has come back worst. When I get my period I get really bloated( I look like I'm about 5 mths pregnant and my abdomen get really tender especially my lower abdomen). I've just started my first cycle of IVF this morning, tomorrow I'm going for baseline scan to see if I can start the injection. My question is when you are pregnant does it help with the symptoms of endometriosis( I know it does cure endometriosis)? I'm hoping my first cycle of IVF work and I get pregnant. So after giving birth I can see a endometriosis specialist to sort myself out. Any advice will be very appreciated.

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  • Hi Amira,

    I have no advice to give as I've never been pregnant but I wonder if you could help me. How do you get about on qualifying to have IVF? Me and my partner have been trying for 5 years and we have had tests done. GP in the past said we qualify for it but I don't really know how to get started with it? I am due a surgery in November and don't know if I have to wait a while before IVF or if I can get it started immediately after.

    Any tips?

    Fingers crossed, your first round will be successful xx

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