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Low Low Estrin Fe

Hello everyone hope to connect with other with similar issues and experience like mine. Maybe we can help one another to find solutions. I was diagnosed with Endo and currently have 5cm cyst on my left ovary. Doctor prescribed me this pill. I have been on low low esterin Fe for a year & 4 months the first 6 months help with my cyst and shrink it for 1.2cm but then after 8 months it seems to have stop working for me. Experienced a lot of bloating, like am 3 months pregnant and I'm not, constipation, lots of headaches, spotting on occasion or during intercourse insomnia and anxiety esp at my sleep , will wake up and feel a sudden anxiety weird symptoms, until I had enough of it, I quit about a week ago, and already feel quite a bit of relief from my symptoms. Contrary to my experienced when I used to skip or forgot to take my pill , I'll be bleeding or spotting right away, but now 7 days w/out the pill still hasn't bleed as expected. Should I be concerned? I was expecting I will be spotting & eventually get heavier period once I stop but no spotting nothing, not a single drop of blood. Is this normal?

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I was on loloestrin fe for 1 day in total, I had a severe migraine and I had mood swing like crazy: happy-mad-sad-happy, over and over. The migraine lasted a week for me and my next period was not only light but a few days late.

Some birth controls can cause an absence of menstruation after going off them, since it might take a while for the hormones to leave your system.

Have you tried a progesterone only pill?

I find the one I'm taking 'Norluatate' is better for headaces and other birth control side effects.

Try to get a hold of your gyn for an appointment to discuss another pill and treatment plans.

Best wishes Xx


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