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It hurts to sit

I don't know what's going on, recently in the past week I've developed sciatica pain and my feet have gone numb when the abdominal pain gets really bad. But today I tried sitting down and it actually hurt allover my pelvis to sit... I'm not sure what's going on, my dr said to go to the emergency room if my pain is different, but the pain keeps getting different and spreading and every single time I go to the ER they find nothing:(

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HI Hannah

Sounds sadly very familiar.

Sorry to hear you're suffering and not being helped.

Check out Endo-

It wasn't until I found the Bsge clinic and requested my doctor to refer me. That the full extend of my Endometrosis/adenmyosis was found.

It's so important to find a specialist. Take it from me it took 15yrs to be diagnosed!!!

So do some research and find a specialist near to you. There's a list on the above web site.

Also check out diet .. It can reduce the pain.

Much love and keep fighting to be heard. You shouldn't be suffering like this xxxx

I agree with Bee74 if you are not under a specialist in a bsge centre get a refferal from gp,

I had terrible pain sitting down , and experience pain the next day if I sit upright for a long time,

Good luck x

I get the same things :( I can't sit down for more than 10mins otherwise I will be in severe pain for the next few days. I have been told I possibly have endo pressing on a nerve which is why i get the pains down my left leg.

ER is a waste of time and my first gyno told me it was all in my head..!

Went to a specialist and they have been amazing.

2nd lap next week : /

Hope you get the much deserved help soon.


E R room hun just like he said, get it sorted don,t put up with it>>> good luck

Hi, So sorry this is happening.

Have you been diagnosed with Endometriosis? I'm guessing so if you are on this site. Although transvaginal scans can show some types of Endo, ordinary ultrasounds won't, and to get a detailed diagnosis you need a laparoscopy, and preferably one done by an 'Endometriosis Specialist Gynaecologist' - general gynaes are not as highly/specifically trained about Endo in all it's forms and hiding places, and often miss things - ditto when removing it.

So ... : Bee, Tboag and Jade have it right, you are best to try and get referred to a BSGE unit - there may even be one quite near you. Have a look at the 'Endo UK' site - link to their website at the top of this page - and maybe talk to one of their trained advisors. Also, read around on this site, and check the posts on here by 'Lindle' .

ER may be able to give you pain relief, but that's not enough.

Hope it gets sorted soon.

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I'm awaiting dignois my gyn has refused to do the lap for numerous reasons, (1st I needed to try this pill, then more painkillers, then another pill, and then just this Monday when I saw her it was "Oh it's your gut hurting you") and then she said with the pill it'll get better...

I'm in Canada but I have an appointment with an endo specialist here on Halloween, they won't do anymore tests and I'm in so much pain.

Read about pudendal neuralgia symptoms.

Good luck with it Hannah xx don't let the buggers get you down.

It can be so depressing and scary, fighting with daily pain and no one taking you seriously. My Endo specialist was amazing and was such a relief to finally meet some one who understood and cared. Hang in there !!! Big hug X

Sorry you are struggling. I have been freaked out since last Saturday when I developed acute pain in right buttock and down leg. Had two days of absolute agony and then started settling down. Today I still have some discomfort and numbness and weakness down right leg. I managed to stay away from hospital as my father lives two streets away and is a doctor. He thinks the endometriosis had spread and caused inflammation of the piriformus muscle which is a syndrome. If you google it the sciatic nerve then runs alongside it or through the muscle in some people and sitting makes the pain unbearable. I have appointment with BSGE in two weeks so will be explaining everything. Initially I was in agony and taking tramadol, co codamol and diazepam but then I started with acute anxiety and vomiting this is health anxiety that I suffer with as well. I contacted my GP and changed all the meds to strong anti inflammatories and paracetamol. It hasn't all gone away yet but is slowly improving. I am still struggling walking and sitting and am so scared of it being excruciating pain again. Have a read and see what you think and if the piriformus muscle syndrome fits your symptoms. Keep in touch there is nothing like the support you get from this forum and to know you are not alone.

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Thanks, I told my gyn but she just said "It'll get better" so she won't do the lap and my specialist isn't until Halloween, I went to high school registration and I ended up almost throwing up b/c I was in so much pain and crying after being there for just an hour, I didn't feel the pain while sitting then but after and it resulted in me not feeling my legs.

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