Mid Cycle Bleeding

Hi, so I'm new here and currently in a bit of a bad situation with my endo. I haven't had a laparoscopy, as I was told to wait before I want to start a family (I'm 19). Recently the pain has been getting worse, and I've been on Loestrin 20 for the last 4 months (taking the regular breaks) and in the last 2 months have been getting midcycle bleeding, lasting about a week and a mix of old blood and fresh new stuff.

Then when the pack is finished I have probably the same thing again, so essentially two periods. I need a doctors appointment but I know they will just tell me to 'see how it goes'.

Any advice, it's making me miserable x

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  • Hi - are you in the UK and if so what area?

  • Midlands :)

  • That is very good news. The European guidelines (ESHRE) that underpin NHS treatment are applicable from age 16 and you have a right to a lap if you want one for endo or suspected endo. As you are in England you can choose to see whoever you want anywhere in the country under NHS Choices. Click on my name and read my post on the treatment pathway. Will send you a private message later with a suggestion for an endo specialist in the Midlands regarded as one of the best we have. Just have to go out now.

    How have you been diagnosed - by a scan perhaps?

  • I had pretty much every one of the symptoms and she wiggled my womb and said it was partially attached, but I'm not really bothered about a lap rn while the pain is somewhat manageable. I've just changed the pills I'm on so the bleeding will stop apart from during the free week!

  • In your original post you say that you are in a bad situation with your endo and the pain is getting worse so it's not clear what you are asking for or how you were diagnosed. If your uterus is attached you likely have deep endo that will progress as the pain is masked by the pill. But treatment options are there if/when you want to pursue them.

  • Since the original post I've had a doctors appointment and changed my pills which have improved everything greatly for now, and I'll be going back in 3 months if things haven't settled, but I needed the quick fix so I could get back to work. I'll look into getting a laparoscopy as soon as I can but right now it's not practical with work and timings, and given as the condition doesn't seem to have got any worse in 6 years, I was told to get a lap when it got really bad, but the pills have helped so much!

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