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On cerazette for endo but having probs: weight gain/continual bleeding. Anyone on other kind of combined pill? I am 44

Hi there I've been on cerazette for the last three years since emergency laparotomy. Most of the time been good, however since January this year, my weight has ballooned and I am bleeding for 2 weeks plus out of every month. I am 44, and was wondering if anyone my age with endo is on any other kind of pill to supress their endo? Most grateful for replies. Natalie x

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I am on Mercilon. After trial and error of 4 other pills this is the only that works for me. I am now due to go on and have a lap and either have the mirena coil or go on to ivf because my mum has vascular problems it is considered unsafe for me personally to continue on combined now.

Maybe ask your GP about Mercilon? But I know the pill and how it affects you is very individual x


I am 39 and on Qlaira. I tried several other combined pills - yasmin, levlen, microgynon? and got weight gain or other side effects, like nausea. My doctor and I worked out I might be a bit allergic to the estrogen like chemicals. Qlaira works for me. I have been on it 3-4 years. This one has a different estrogen like chemical to all the others I tried- oestradiol valerate with dienogest which has been used alone to treat endo in Europe for a while I believe. I still live with pain - partially from endo but I don't bleed on this pill hardly at all and am able to work a little thanks in part to this pill. I have been told by Gynae it is a good choice for a woman of my age and I can use it into 50s to help with things. I have never tried a progestin only pill but maybe thats something to look at too? Good luck in finding what works for you, it sounds like that one isn't working so well anymore. If something has changed with your body but you didn't change your pill, be sure to get checked out too in case something new is going wrong. Take care 🌷


Thanks so much for that information. I will ask my doctor tomorrow! Really appreciate it. Glad to hear it has worked for you. Have a great day x


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