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I'm scared I've got endometriosis

I've just started my period and I'm really scared that I'm going to get endometriosis because my mum has it and it runs in the family on her dads side. I've got really heavy periods and I nearly fainted aswell today and I don't want to have the same pain as my mum cause if I do have it I know I'll probably have it much worse because I have IBS (Irritable bowl syndrome) and it's really bad. Some of my problems are, heavy periods, Feeling faint, Hurts when I pass period blood and bad cramps. Hopefully someone can help me, and I'm 12 years old.

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Hello sweetheart.

Have you only just started to have periods or have u had them for a while?

I would keep an eye on your symptoms and also speak to your mum about how you feel and what your symptoms are & if they continue or get any worse I would see if your mum would go to see your doctor with you?

Not everyone with Endometriosis gets very bad symptoms, some people get hardly any at all & some people can be very bad, everyone is different.

Just speak to your mum about how u feel and see if she can sympathise with you,

Good luck xxx


Hi darling I'm not surprised you feel worried having seen your mum go through it all. It sounds like you could do with some support managing the symptoms you get around your period. Like shazlovesevo says can you talk to your mum about how you are feeling or is there someone else you can talk to? It is so hard having to deal with feeling so dreadful and being at school too.

Best wishes x


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