Weird one really. Past six weeks have been much improved with endo pain. Off all medication and just acupuncture!! However past two and a half weeks been so tired , like falling asleep by two in the afternoon and generally walking around like a zombie. At the same time nausea turned up and as we are trying was convinced we were expecting a bundle of joy. Turns out I'm just sick and tired!! But bearly any endo pain, other than two days this cycle. Today still in period and slept 10.30-3pm . This is unheard of for me until recent.

Has anyone experienced this as it does not appear to be associated with the pain!!

Would really love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what to do.

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I have had endo 4 years. And only recently my flare ups have became worse than ever. This week I've really struggled with tiredness and nausea. I've read people on here talking of it before. But never felt it myself until last week. I have very disturbed sleep due to endo but also horrific back and hips pain which I recently had mri scan for. Just waiting on results

Hope you find the answer to what's causing it. And good luck for trying to conceive

I feel like this a lot of the time. Are you anaemic?

I did not feel this tired whilst I was haemmorhaging, however like you I have had to come off the medication as I now have stage 3 kidney disease as a result.

I think our bodies are just exhausted!

I continue to work full time but go to bed by 8pm every night to get as many hours rest as I can - I am lucky to have a very supportive husband and teenage children who will not let me cook or clean after a busy day at work.

Get help from those aroundyou - nobody will ever know how draining and depressing living with this pain is day and night, because we can smile and still put our make up on people think we exaggerate, or assume it is a general period pain.

Are you having a hysterectomy - I am on an energency list - any day now


I have endo and have had successful surgery to remove it . However I remain excessively fatigued at times I thought it was the mirena had that removed !

Fatigue remains unfortunately

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