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Back in hospital

So yesterday after my fainting episode got admitted to hospital and yet again all scans have came back okay so been told I can go home with morohine but I am refusing to leave untill I know they will do a lap, I'm a nurse myself and I can't work on morphine, hate how with endo they just throw you out with painkillers!!! Anyone else had this problem??

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Sorry to hear you've had such a bad time recently. Ive been admitted to hospital 3 times in the past year and everyone after some scans they send me home with strong painkillers. I'm not aloud to take any NSAID's due to stomach condition so they end up giving me strong painkillers that half the time make me feel worse with other side effects. It's so frustrating.


Not dignosed with a lap yet but I've been to the hospital 5 times with possible appendicitis and 1 time chest pain. I'm 17 and petite so they kept me for chest pain until we realized it was a reaction to a medication and once it wore off I was fine.

The times with appendicitis, I had ultrasounds, urine tests, bloodwork, and was hooked up with an IV and everything came back normal, they said my uterus was one of the best they've seen (which I'm still confused by), they then pumped me with pain killers and water thinking I was dehydrated.

My last visit for appendicitis was in February, they concluded I don't have one because out of all the ultrasounds it isn't there. The doctor came in and gave me a lecture on hormonal comtraceptives gave me a pamphlet and told me to talk to my doctor saying my periods would get better, she said it was probably just 'bad periods'. She then told me to try a few painkillers.


Same has happened with me 3 times where I've been so bad my husbands taken me in. He second that they look at my file and ask if I'm currently being seen under a gynaecologist they send me on my way to 'rest' it's at the point now where I'm at home doubled over but don't see the point in wasting my time going in as they aren't interested with me having a diagnosis. I too was treated for appendicitis while I was breast feeding before my referral to gynaecologist. I was put on strong pain killers after a gp examined my stomach. No bloods taken. He said if it worsens I was to go straight to A&E which it did. I sat for 3 and a half hours. They sat me down asked what's wrong. Took bloods and within half hour I was sent home. Told I don't have appendicitis and to stop Meds. So I'd taken them while breastfeeding my 3 month old.


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