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Struggling to get referral to BSGE clinic


Ive been struggling to get a referral to a BSGE clinic- there isnt one near me- I live in Brighton and the closest to me is Crawley or Croyden. My GP has sent a referral and it got put through a central referral system which sent me to the Brighton Hospital where Ive been seen before and dismissed as having 'nerve pain which may or may not got go away'.

Anyone know how to get past this? BSGE clinics in Crawley and Croyden accept NHS referrals right?

Many Thanks and much love


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Hi - as you are in England you can get a referral to any BSGE centre you want anywhere in England. Your GP shouldn't have put you through the central system. If the clinic doesn't come up under the NHS E-referral system (previously choose and book) then referral is direct. Others on here may be able to advise in more detail as to exactly how it works and how they got their referrals.

The lack of knowledge in the NHS about endo is as always mind boggling if a referral service don't know about the centres.

Have a look at my posts about how to find a specialist centre and on the treatment pathway. x


Thank you so much- Ive emailled this info to my doctor. No doctor Ive spoken to has even heard of BSGE clinics so Ive been waiting for 4 weeks in constant pain just to be rejected by my local hospital! Its really quite insane!

Thanks again- you've helped a lot and I appreciate it.


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If not Ashford and St Peters trust is also a BSGE center and take NHS referrals.

I would contact the BSGE center directly and ask for advice, their number should be on their website.

Good luck and let us know how you get on xx

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Whilst its a different BSGE clinic, I called them and they gave me the email address my GP had to write to - it was general gynae but they said if my GP said in the email it was for endo clinic it would make it to right place, and it has.

Good luck

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