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London meet ups?

Hi, I'm suffering like everyone else but trying really hard to keep going and have just returned to work after a long period out for operations. I was wondering if anyone knew of any meet ups or anyone based in London who wants to meet for a coffee? I find F bag even good friends and family don't really understand what we have to go through and as lovely as they can be, it's just not the same as talking to someone who has endo and gets the daily battle. Let me know! Thanks!x

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Hi there, there are a few support groups in London the one I go to is in central London.

On the link below you can sign up for emails from the group, so you will get informed on meet ups.


And if you are in Facebook join their page, and you'll see all the up coming events. I think the below link should take you to the Facebook page.


But if it doesn't the group is called Central London Endometriosis UK Support Group. I know there are picnic days planned, if you can't find the details on Facebook then drop me a private message and I will paste the info to you.

Hope this helps, I know how lonext it can be. And these meetings have been so useful to me. X


You're amazing, thank you! Going to look at it now. Xx


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