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Bsge appointment nightmare

Hi ladies, hope your all well,

I've just spoken to the hospital and after waiting from 22nd February for another laparoscopy that basically shouldn't be needed if my last 2 operations had been completed correctly, I've now been told that they can't give me any idea of date, only that it wouldn't t be in August,

It's outrageous that we are made to wait thus long after being told he will operate within 3 months,

Why are there not more endo centres and specialist,

Feeling gutted, AGAIN


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Oh wow, that's bad even normal rubbish standards, I'm so sorry. I can't believe how many times this is happening to people who are suffering. Xx


Me too in the same situation. I had a diagnostic lap in January and still waiting and have been told it won't be before the end of September. The issue is that there is only 1 colorectal surgeon and they have struggled to get a date with him to perform endo removal and bowel resection alongside my gynea consultant.

I had my follow up app from my diagnostic lap a couple of weeks ago and was told that he has had an influx of cancer patients - well I can't argue with that but I just feel like I'm in limbo at the moment waiting for a date and in the meantime having to take hormone injections and hrt to stop my periods which isn't working properly.



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