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Feeling guilty

After a weekend of severe period pains, really heavy period / flooding and migraine I've phoned in sick to work today. But why do I feel so guilty. I'm only ever off when it's bad, usually I just go in and get through the day, but lately it's been more difficult and taking a load of energy to just get through the day and I couldn't face another day of worrying I was going to pass out and thinking if I can just get through the next hour I'll be OK.

After phoning in sick I burst into tears. I don't know what's wrong with me :(. If I went in it would feel like a marathon just getting through to lunchtime. I try to keep all the endo stuff under wraps at work, and think phoning in sick feels like I've had to give in to it this month.

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I know exactly what you mean, you know the guilt isn't necessary but you feel it anyway. My (male) boss is really nice about it mainly because he doesn't want to know the details but I always feel that with every day I take off, I lose more and more credibility. It's really tough. I keep telling myself that my health is more important (which it is) and that going in would just be to tick a box and stop people asking questions so at least I'm not being fake. X


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