My own therapy... my way

Evening fellow endo sisters 😊

It has definitely been a while since I was last logged onto this forum, I was last here in 2014 where I struggled with getting diagnosed. I then went onto having a lap and diathermy surgery for my endo. Had aprox a year totally symptom free .... but now it's back :-( ... with a vengeance.

When I was symptom free I managed to piece my life back together. .. found the man of my dreams, a job I loved and had a healthy social life.

But as each week goes by, bit by bit the control i finally had back of my life is being prised out of my fingers.

Various gp referrals , sick notes, opiate based pain meds have now become my life... not what once I worked so hard to achieve :-(

Until the day I decided to start my vlog! I finally had control of something again. I was able to reach hundreds of people about why I wasn't able to "pop out for a drink" , or why I was just so drained all the time. I was able to explain how this disease effected me and my life.

I want these videos to reach as many people as possible , endo sisters alike , families and friends of the sufferers , people who know or work with someone who struggles daily with endo..... anyone basically!

This has been my own therapy, it has pushed me waaaaaaayy beyond the boundaries that I put up for myself.

And I highly recommend doing it for yourself 😊, it has made me realise things I never knew about myself previously.

I'm so proud to have raised more awareness about this nasty disease.. so if you feel like you want to, please go give it a watch and a share :-)

My partner and I have a lot more to come on the channel :-) so stay tuned.

I love and respect all of you endo sisters! It may be a negative reason why we are all connected but it really is such a special community to belong in xxx

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  • Your story touch my heart. I have lived with endometriosis since a was 13. I'm 25 now. I have a daughter so can't stay in bed but it's so hard to get up everyday. I'v had 4 surgeries for my endo. And it still keeps coming

  • Aww I can only imagine how exhausted you can be, what with battling the daily battle of endo and being an awesome mum to your little one! Most days I struggle to look after myself so your a super woman. I'm glad you can relate ... since doing these video's I've noticed I'm not the only one to feel the things I do. And that In itself has helped more than I even knew at the start.

    Hopefully one day us endo sisters won't have to worry about the physical and mental scars this disease plagues us with.... maybe one day xxx

  • It is hard but I do it some how. I use to take pain killer the doctors gave me but now I just that I don't have insurance and have pay out of pocket for my treatments. My last surgery was in January and it came back within 2 month this time. It's hard to keep a job to pay for treatments so this time I have no help. I also suffer from rare cycst on my ovaries that just grows and bleeds all the time. I live in a small town so it hard to get the help I need when I need help

  • Hi Tammy your videos are great. It is powerful to hear someone saying out loud the same things I feel. I was diagnosed with stage 4 in June have my follow up next month.

    Best Wishes xxx

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