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Moving house

Hi. We have been waiting for appointments for my daughter to see a cardiologist before she has major surgery for stage 4 endometriosis. Its taken so long to get appt's that we will probably have moved 300 miles away by the time her endo surgery has been arranged, however, the endo dept has very good reports about treatment performed that she wants to be able to have her treatment done there. Is this still possible? We really don't have a clue how the system works so if anyone can help it would be most appreciated. Many thanks Catlover3

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Where are you based/moving to? i have experience in Scotland, and moving to other end of Scotland mid waiting list but that's it I'm afraid xx


Hi there

I moved from cornwall to gloucestershire last year in the middle of my waiting as well

I still had the surgery in cornwall though but I was lucky enough to be able to stay with family in cornwall for a week post op then travelled back home .

I think your only issue will be where she's stays after op ,it was a week before I could even think about a long trek home again .I had fairlymajor surgery ,bowelresection amongst other things .

I had one appointment 3 months post op where consultant wanted to see me in cornwall

But my last two appointments have been by phone or email .

I hope this was of some help help to you ,all the best ...


Thanks for your reply. I hope that we can arrange for her to have the op down south as she's so concerned about not having to go through all the waiting and pain for any longer.


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