hysterectomy leaving ovaries is there a high percentage chance they will fail ?

Hi firstly sorry about my spelling :)

i have had a first lap in April and surface endo was cut from think rectum , uterosacrial ligaments and behind ovary, but letter after lap said that biopsy showed I have adenomyosis so my uterus is swollen and sore pressing on bowel and bladder which make sense with my symptoms. When I came around also Gyne said she thought I would need a hysterectomy leaving ovaries.

Feeling no better maybe worse since lap , bowel and bladder pain getting worse I was put on pill after lap which made me v depressed and pain the same. Also was offered coil which I refused and going to be offered chemical menopause but adenomyosis from my understanding can only be halted by hormones the only 'cure' is hysterectomy?

My thoughts are that I will refuse the chemical hormones as they make me so down and pain the same as uterus is already swollen and was going to go for the hysterectomy I am 41 so leaving ovaries. Am awaiting gyne appointment which has been moved again til end of September now :(

but when I spoke to my GP she said that practically all ovaries left after hysterectomy fail within 5 years and most within a year ?? So I would most likely end up on HRT.... I would like to know anyone elses experience of this ?

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  • Hi hunny, I had a laparoscopy last march removal of endo behind uterus and ureter and uterosacral ligaments, and diagnosed with adenomyosis, I went on to have hysterectomy for the adenomyosis, overies left, I was under a general gyne, I'm still in pain daily, and am now under a bsge specialist centre, and am awaiting another laparoscopy to possibly remove overies and any endo that was left behind,

    General gyne often miss endo in certain situations and locations, so you need to get refferal to a bsge specialist centre,

    I've just finished a 4 month course of zolodez with hrt,

    If they take my overies I think I will go on hrt, but my mum and older sister has both gone in menopause at 42, and I'm 40, so I don't think it will be long naturally,

    If you gave any questions feel free,


  • The gyne surgeon although not being at a bsge center is a really well thought of dr and is involved with endo uk so am happy to carry on with her . What were you symptoms and how did they change after hysterectomy if you don't mind me asking? Thankyou so much for your reply it's so difficult deciding pros and cons 😳😳😳

  • I think I am happy anyway or maybe I should just ask for bsge center so there would be more support Although gyne I have is brilliant it just the other nurse support I would get at bsge I suppose 💗 It s just the waiting and getting to appointments if I have to travel a distance to bsge center as I think nearest one is going to be London , as I a single mum of older kids but have no family local after my lap was on my own and pretty difficult .

  • Well I thought that about my gyne, but I'm sure he has missed something, my back pain git loads better, and sex is more comfortable now, although still get pain after, but not always, my periods where awful, like giving birth every 3 weeks,

    A surgeons in a bsge specialist centre has to complete a 3 year course of excision surgery and identifying endo in certain locations, xxx

  • My surgeon gyne must definately be bgse

  • ooop not sure why that reply came so short I wrote my surgeon trains other surgeons to do laps so think she must be bgse and cut endo from my bowel so think she will do best possible job just awaiting appointment and now appointment has been moved again annoyingly to end of September endless waiting . Hope you having a well week :)

  • Thankyou for your answer it really helps getting other people experiences and knowledge I really not got a clue 💗💗 xxxx

  • Hi there, I had a hysterectomy seven weeks ago for similar issues. I have had numerous laps for endo and lots of other complications (the hysterectomy was my 10th Gyne op). I was really worried about my ovaries as I am only 34 but my consultant stitched the ovaries up in to my pelvic ligaments in attempt to keep them healthy for longer. She explained that the ovaries can drop and stick to other organs which results in early removal and doing this procedure should prevent that. My mum also had a hysterectomy at 36 and her ovaries lasted for 10 further years before she experienced any problems so I don't necessarily agree with your GP. My consultant certainly didn't raise this as an issue and said I will go into the menopause naturally with my ovaries (albeit a little earlier than a normal, healthy woman). Every woman is different and the surgery will effect them in different ways. For me, the hysterectomy has been a positive experience. I no longer live in constant pain, I no longer look 4 months pregnant and my bladder and bowl are definitely feeling the positive effects of not being squashed by the uterus every day 😀 Wishing you lots of good luck xxx

  • wow thankyou thats really interesting thankyou so pleased for you getting a good resolution :) thats what my gyne told me too about leaving the ovaries, but my GP said that the gyne may not know how many people go into menopause soon after op as they would see the GP for HRT when they failed not the gyne ?? Sort of made sense but I had already decided to have hysterectomy as the adenomyosis is my main issue I think its been a big choice but now am am a bit wobbled and worried about early menopause. I know it can't be guaranteed they wont fail but hoped they'd have a fighting chance :) Also actually thinking about it if they were bound to fail too surely they'd just take everyones out ??????? I think she is wrong.

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