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Feeling deflated 😫

I have like so many of you been in pain with this for a long time when I had my laparoscopy in 2014 they removed and burnt some tissue and lesions, I thought thankgod that's it but I have recently been having the same horrible pain, I have been down the and prescribed more painkillers I did ask her to refer me back but her reply was let's give it a month with these painkillers first ! I ask her please don't leave me so long with this pain it's affects everything and I'm on my own with 2 kids and just started to get my life back volunteering as a Gardner and looking to train as a horticultural therapist oh the irony ! Lol I just hope they don't leave me for long I have been thinking to have a vaginal hysterectomy with womb and ovaries as I'm not having anymore children any advise would be so much appreciated xx

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Hi there

Sorry you're in pain again and totally sympathise re being told to put up with pain or just take pain killers. Keep pushing for a referral to BSGE specialist clinic. I got there in the end but it took several months. You could use my trick that I found out my local BSGE clinic had a pain specialist do said I wanted to go to clinic to see them as I felt they'd know best about endo pain. It worked as I got my referral.

As to hyster it's not a cure to endo and having had mine, and ovaries removed, I'm in worst pain from endo as it was left behind. So if you do go that route make sure it's BSGE specialist so endo is taken out and you get right advice after.

Good luck


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