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Almost two years since my op and I think it's all coming back!

Hi everyone,

I had laparoscopic surgery almost two years ago (Nov '14), where they found and excised endometriosis, and at the same time removed adhesions that were connecting my uterus and bowel.

I don't know whether these adhesions were caused purely by my endometriosis or by a Caesarian section I had in 2008, or by a combination of the two.

I felt like a new woman after the operation but most recently I am starting to feel those familiar pains and lots of pulling coming from that same section of my tummy I suffered with before my operation. I'm sure this is the adhesion part (my endo pain is very different as I'm sure you don't need me to explain) and I am devastated!

The prospect of further surgery isn't at all what I want so I have been researching like mad into any other potential treatment avenues - and in some cases some people are apparently finding success with physiotherapy, albeit with therapists who have experience with abdominal adhesions.

By any chance is this something that anyone on here has any knowledge or experience of? Can anyone recommend anyone in the midlands area?

I'm reaching the point where I'm reluctant to exercise because I am scared of causing further pain or more damage. If there are any other options I can explore before I need to look at surgery again I really want to find them! I'm typing this with tears in my eyes! Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading xxxxx

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Aw, mine is creeping back too after 6mths so you have my sympathy and I'm so sorry, it's horrible for you. The combined pill (Marvelon) has been good for controlling my pain and it's only come back because I will silly enough to try a pill free month which my consultant told me off about! Other than that, I'm not sure about alternatives to surgery. Fingers crossed for you xx


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