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Consultant scared me with "damage + colostemy bag" !!!

Went to see the local consultant about my belly button lumps which have increased to 3 now. He had a feel, which was painful. He basically said they cannot tell what they are unless they are removed, the US and MRI did not show anything he can go on. He then went on to say we may damage your intestines and you could end up with a colostemy bag!!!!!!!! It didn't sink in until I left, then I couldn't stop thinking about it. I asked about the specialist endo centre in my area and he said the best guy there has just retired. I think I do want these lumps removed - but BOY do I not want to end up with a colostemy bag!!! Talk about scaring me out of something - not sure what to do now. Thinking perhaps go for the specialist endo centre to have them removed as this guy has totally put me off. It was very difficult to get him to look me in the eye too, kept writing notes and whilst I was asking questions it was almost like I was interupting his writing and he got huffy!! Hubby asked a question and he was very abrupt with him - perhaps he was having a bad day - but I felt like I was wasting his time... Not a great appt.

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Hi please get that referral to a endo centre. I know they have to warn you of these things but they rarely happen. If go to a endo centre they are far more experienced and qualified so there will be less chance of damage to other organs.

I wish you good luck and hope you can get sorted.

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Thank you Jean, sounds like a good idea :-)


Yes defo get a referral for any work to be done at an endo centre! No matter what he shouldnt have behaved like that, sometime Drs forget they are dealing with vulnerable humans & need reminding!

Its too easy to become a 'process' & lose sight of the patients emotional wellbeing.

All the best


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Thank you Jessie - I guess the thing is, I could have the lumps removed at the endo centre and they could end up not being endo at all..... they do swell and the pain is cyclical, so there is a good chance, but unusual in the umbilicus... hey ho, back to the drawing board, will ask for an endo referral at the specialist centre :-) Thanks again :-)


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