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Hi I am 19 years old I have been suffering with endo for a year now it's completely taken over my life!! I have currently just had key hold surgery to remove it and it's now been two weeks and I am still having lower back pain the surgin was certain he removed it all is it possible my endo has came back I am really worried don't know what else to do !! Been to the doctors they say could be infection so on antibiotics but not improving can anyone give me advice

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I had pain for more than 2 weeks after op, I think this is normal for some but I also had excruciating periods for the run up to and the 3 cycles that followed my op also. The thing I found really worked was actually resting, most people don't or they get bored and overdo it which prolongs the healing time.

Your endo will never be completely gone, it works by reacting with your hormonal cycles and the surgeons would only have been able to remove what was visible to them at the time.

The inside of your body can take longer to heal than the outside but if the antibiotics don't help definitely get back to your doctor.

Hoping you feel better soon xxx


Thank you very much for your reply just the back and shoulder pain that's worrying me find this all very scary X


The back pain was normal for a good few weeks for me and then only got it really bad again with periods but I only had shoulder pain for a few days after which is caused by the gas they pump into you to open up your stomach cavity. If your still suffering with shoulder pain I would definately go and see your doc again. X


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