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Anything I should be wary of??

Hi girls, it's been a while...I'm struggling to come up with a title;

Basically, a week ago I felt my 20mg of Amatriptyline needs to be increased again (Endo Dr said I can go up to 50mg if needed...) I just felt groggy, stiff, I felt my Insomnia kicking back in a bit, just overall their effects wearing off so I at that point decided i'm gonna wait til I need a new prescription and go ask my GP (I've got to book an Endoscopy for an unrelated problem anyway) (my logic is gold isn't it :/ I'm an idiot!!)

So 3 days ago the stiffness just disappeared and was replaced with Migraines (they've been on and off for a few days now threatening but not becoming a massive problem) incidentally my GP refuses to treat Migraines they say 'headaches' can be treated with Paracetamol & Ibuprofen...I have GERD acid reflux and probably a stomach ulcer that's why I need the Endoscopy AND the reason I CAN'T use Ibuprofen soooo basically shush and suffer quietly!

The Migraines were accompanied by Nausea which just stayed continuously until my Abdomen (left side) started to hurt compulsively and I physically couldn't move for the pain that tore through my ovary. I think I have a cyst again the last one encased the ovary and tube but was removed completely in Oct 2015. Anyway, the pain has been excruciating the Codeine and Paracetamol haven't really helped at all, I again look like I swallowed a football half inflated and it's blown up side is against my hip and it's hard too which is adding to the pain.

This morning it's still hard although the pain is greatly reduced BUT my Ovary is VERY VERY VERY sore! My bowel movements have been fine, no, good! I actually have formed poop by far more normal looking than they have been in the longest time. My bowel has been way more active than usual (usually about 3 times a month, I've been the loo 3 times in a week)

Well, yesterday my pain was an 8 in the morning 9 last night today it started at 4 and is up to 5 and I still don't feel the urgency to go to my GP... I just feel like it won't change anything except make me cranky they always want to poke and prod and I'm just not in the mood, I've been very snappy and I can't get barred from ANOTHER Dr. :/

*My periods are irregular by my calculations I've got about a week before I should start. Is this just build-up? It's happened before but usually not I suffer more round ovulation and the end of my cycle as a rule...

Edit* My feet have swelled up the last 3/4 days too

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Hello! Ah bless you, I hope today finds you a little better? It's so rubbish that we choose not to see a GP because it's less stressful & not very helpful! I know exactly how you feel, ovaries are killing, stomach is a watermelon and pain wasn't touched last night by tramadol & codeine mixture...fed up too, do you wanna be in my gang!? Wish you well done oh & well done for bowel movement xxx


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