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Natural BFP (endo, 2 laps, 4 failed IVF)

Hi all,

i know how it feels to struggle to conceive and have friends around you popping out babies as easy as you like, I struggled for 5 years, not for want of trying, to conceive but have finally got a BFP which for the moment is looking positive so fingers crossed all the way. Hoping my story will give you ladies that little bit of hope. Sorry this is a bit of a long post but I hope this helps some ladies and gives you hope.

Myself and my OH had been ttc since 2010, I had a lap in 2008/2009 which diagnosed stage 3 endo but at that time rightly or wrongly we were not ready to start a family. Although we were encouraged to ttc at that point by the nurses.

We ended up undergoing 4 IVF treatments and with the last one we underwent all kinds of tests including PGS. The emotional roller coaster of IVF is probably the most draining, you have all this hope in the buildup to the transfer of the embryo only for it to be quickly taken away when it fails. Before spending any more money on IVF and undergoing another heartbreak of it not working, we decided that I would undergo another laparoscopy to check my tubes, which were never checked, because my initial consultant suggested said there was no point as the chances are my tubes are blocked and for another surgery to check will just waste time so he suggested just to proceed to IVF, he said any endo is unlikely to affect the success of IVF. I personslly wanted to know that if I didn't have anymore IVF then at least I would give myself the best chance possible to conceive naturally. We had also started to accept that we may not be able to conceive and discussed adoption too. I had even booked a holiday in Asia in October at the beginning of the year not expecting anything to happen. However after the operation I rested for about 1 month and then when I felt more recovered we DTD 3 times before my estimated ovulation, as we agreed to make that extra effort despite our busy schedules, not really thinking anything would come of it as we'd been down the natural route before. Then to my surprise I had a bit of bleeding 3 days before my date of my period, so I just thought it was my period come early,although I momentarily thought it was odd as I was never early in fact my periods are spot on every 28 days. I thought nothing of it, there was no more blood apart from a few spots, just very light brown discharge but again I thought nothing of it, I even went bike riding and stuffed my face with lobster 😁😁😁.

Then on day 3 after my missed period I just thought I really need to know one way or another so bought a pregnancy test from superdrug on my way to work, went straight to the toilet as soon as I got into work and peed on it. With a few seconds there were two very dark lines! I was shaking, talking to myself, I whatsapped a pic of the stick to my OH, he had no idea that I had taken a test and so you can imagine his surprise! Admittedly I was in tears and didn't concerntrate on work at all on that day. Moral of the story, ladies please check first and foremost that your insides are all clear first. When I was going through IVF I was always told that my endo is unlikely to affect the chances of success and not to worry about it but I personally think it did and now wished I had sorted out my insides first before embarking on the cost and enormous heartbreak of IVF. I am now 5 weeks pregnant and I still don't believe it, still on knicker watch but fingers crossed will make it to 9 months and have a new addition to our family. Baby dust to u all ladies!

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Wonderful news. Wishing you a very healthy and happy pregnancy. Thank you for posting - we all need the good news stories xx

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Thank you for giving us hope x

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