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Hello all,

I think it's time for me to go back and have operation number 6 but this time I am going to get referred to a BSGE centre.

My newest symptoms are pain going up both - sorry there is no nice way to put this really; my vagina and my bum, my insides can feel so swollen I struggle to eat even a small meal without feeling like the food has only gotten as far as the bottom of my rip cage. It hurts when I sit down and when I go to the loo to do anything.

I live in Swindon Wilts and I was hoping some of you ladies could give me some feedback or recommendations (by private message of course) as to your experiences of the centres in Oxford or Bristol or any others that are down here.

Thank you x

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I get them pains up them areas, and it hurts just the sit on toilet some days, you are doing the right thing by getting referred to bsge centre, I'm now under one after 2 excision and a hysterectomy, I can't wait to see if they can do a better job,

If gets crossed for us xxx

Tor666 in reply to Tboag

Thanks for replying, i know my consultant is going to push for me to have a hysterectomy this time, that's why i thought it's time for me to go and see a specialist.

My consultant has actually said that he believes i have endo he cannot see.

I am sorry you are suffering too, it's no fun is it?


Hi Torr

I live in the Swindon area and currently trying to help my wife with deciding what to do for her recently diagnosed endometriosis.

Wondering what feedback you had on your question and you're experiences with treatment in the area.

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