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So bloated I think I might explode !

Hi there

I'm desperately trying to get as much advice as possible on a condition I have been diagnosed with. As fellow Endo sufferer, I have for the last 4yrs tried to manage it myself with diet and Mayan massage. Before that I was continually prescribed hormonal medication( which I hated ) I have in the last 9mnths suffered dreadful symptoms and have been diagnosed with stage 4 Endo and now Adenomyosis(focal). I am in daily pain.chronic back pain and bloating that resembles 4/5mnth pregnancy. I'm on awaiting list to remove the Endo but want to preserve my uterus. I have tried for pregnancy without any luck. I'm 41 so my time is running out.

Any advice would be greatly accepted. My uterus is retroverted which I believe is causing all my problems personally.

Sorry for such a long drawn out message but I thought it might help to know my full history.

Any suggestions to help please!!


Love to all fellow sufferers too x

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Hi there, sorry to hear you're suffering. I have very simiiliar symptoms. I have found that Colpermin helps my bloating and related bowel pain a little.

Take care X

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Thanks for the tip

I'll try anything.

Let's hope we both get some respite soon.

Take care too xx


Sorry to hear about your suffering, endo is horrible. My uterus is retroverted too although I was given to understand that it does not really matter when it comes to pain but you could be right. I do not suffer from too much bloating thankfully but when I do, ginger tea usually helps me (Crush ginger and add the juice to warm water, a splash of lemon juice and sweetener if you need it). Also, the fennel tea by traditional medicines (I think its called weightless) helps me a lot. Both are worth trying if you haven't done so already. I hope you feel better.

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Thank you for all words of support X yes drink lots of ginger and turmeric tea. Last few months nothing seems to help. Was advised my uterus is enlarged, so beginning to think I'm stuck with big bloated stomach. Try to have faith but hard some days. Thanks again to all you lovely lady's with words of care! Definitely helps.

Hope you all have a pain free day xxx


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