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Booked for first laparoscopy

My doctor sent me to my local hospital to see a gynaecologist who straight away said that he would book me for a laparoscopy and that if they found endometriosis they would treat it straight away. When I look on the hospital website laparoscopy doesn't even come up where as other procedures do so it makes me wonder if they would be the best place to go to have it done. I'm really scared of having the operation so really wouldn't want to have to have it done again if possible. Am I best off going back to my doctor and asking to go to a hospital that specialises in this instead?

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Hi aimez,

I too have just posted about being nervous about a lap!!

I have got lucky that we have a Centre of Excellence where I live and a top notch Gynaecologist.

I have had a shoulder op before so have experience of an operation. But, I KNEW I needed that. The Gynae thinks I have endo otherwise he 'wouldn't have put surgery on the table' as he put it.

Even with a specialist Gynae I am still nervous. I couldn't even give him a yes or no yesterday. He wouldn't offer me consent for the op as he could tell I wasn't sure about it. But today I am in so much discomfort I wish I had said yes so I'm trying to get hold of his Secretary to book me in before he goes on holiday in August.

What about if you look up the name of the Consultant who will be doing your laparoscopy?

As my consultant said, with surgery you need to be 100% sure. So, if you're not I would definitely suggest a further appointment or discussion with someone.

Sorry probably not helpful but I can totally sympathise with the nervous feeling!


Have a look at my post on the diagnostic lap.


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