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Hello! Wonder if anyone has had similar symptoms to me?

I've just joined this forum as i've been experiencing a range of symptoms for a while now & i'm starting to think they could all be related. A work colleague of mine suffers from endometriosis & suggested it sounded like when she gets a flare up, I wonder if any of you could help?

I've always had heavy periods & when younger (i'm 31 now) they were very painful but not so much in recent years. They've always been irregular in length too, sometimes 28 days, sometimes up to 35. A few months ago I started getting pelvic pain & back ache very much like I suffered when pregnant with my son (2 years ago), I also started experiencing some pain during sex but not always, started breaking out in spots & noticed some hair loss particularly on my eyebrows. One morning early hours a few months back I woke up in agony with a stabbing pain in my lower tummy & back, it was so bad I was on the verge of dialling 999 (the only thing stopping me was my knowledge of how stretched our local ambulance service is, I work in emergency services). It eventually eased off & a couple days later I went to my GP who said it was probably the start of a sickness bug...it wasn't. I went back again & saw a differnt Dr who sent me for an ultrasound to check for polyps, internal scan done as well & nothing seen. Symptoms eased off so I didn't go back. Then this week, i've had awful tummy cramps, the pain in my back & pelvis/hips is back & i have constant headaches, light headedness & full on dizzy spells. Struggling to sleep because of the pain, wooziness & strangely very odd dreams! Called 111 today because the dizziness has got rather concerning & they sent me to A&E, initial tests all clear so got to go to my GP for blood tests.

I don't get much bleeding between periods & the cramping during is not usually as painful as this week. My period last month was 4 days early which is really unusual & this month was much lighter & shorter than normal.

Has anyone else had similar symptoms? Do those that experience it think that could be what I have? When I mentioned it to my GP previously she dismissed it immediately.

Thank you in advance & sorry for the long post!

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Yup that's endometriosis! Exactly what I have on the 1st day of each period which is due tomorrow. I'm terrified. There are various pain meds you can be prescribed. But ultimately you need a referral to a gynecologist.


Thank you for replying. my GP dismissed it last time I went, will be sure to mention it again tomorrow when I go, seeing someone different this time. I'm really sorry your suffering :-( wish I could help xx


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