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Don't know what to do?


I've been suffering what I expect is the return of endo after a c section in October I've been to my doctors so many times n im now on tramadol taking 100ml every 4-6 hours and still overwhelmed with pain I had Lletz for severe high grade changes last Monday and it's just getting worse I ended up in a n e and after four hours of waiting and being offered ibuprofen and paracetamol I just signed myself out and came home I rang and my results show no infection and my ultrasound show "healthy ovaries and womb" I just feel like I'm going mad I'm suffering so much and no one seems fussed I've just Gotta wait on the gynae list n prey for a lap soon other than that I'm stuck doubled in pain with a two ur old and a nine month old eating tramadol like smarties and crying out with most movements I feel like I need to either be opened up or put in an asylum I can't handle being made to feel a hypochondriac any more I've lost everything about me my looks my ambition how much more humiliation and distress can this shitty disease cause me and why does it have to hide away from my bloody womb I don't know why I'm writing maybe because I have no one who gets it my partner says he does but still doesn't help with night feeds or housework I'm trapped in a broken body and my minds bending beyond recognition

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Oh Bless you Hun, you are not alone in this!

You need to insist on a ref to a BSGE Centre nearest you, get your hubby/family to go with you to impress the urgency as you are raising too young babies. Hubby needs to take up the slack at home for sure. Have you thought about sharing this posting with him so he realises how desperate for help you are?

Let housework go other than essential, your healing & babies needs are priority.

Sending you best wishes/hugs X x


God only knows how you are dealing with thus with small children, I have 3 sons 11, 14. 16 and I'm struggerling with housework ect,

Please make sure you are on the list to see a specialist in a bsge specialist centre, general gyne often miss endo in certain areas.

Do as little as possible when it comes to household chores, ask except help from anyone

Good luck xxxxx

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