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Endo & trapped wind?

Hi. I've had digestive & period issues since last November. Gynae suggested endo and prescribed me the progesterone only pill, which made me feel very depressed. So I came off it.

He asked if a wanted a laproscopy which I refused at the time (lower abdominal and internal showed nothing but I had just started my period which didn't help)

My cycle is over the last few months have been 25, 36, 37, 45 and 52 days! Terrible anxiety etc. main symptom right now is upper abdomen bloating, terrible trapped wind, gurgling, bubbling etc.

I've had it constantly for over a mth, and regularly for the last 6 months. I'm under a lot of stress at the moment.

Went to drs Monday and he prescribed me omezaprole for the burning, but wasn't even bothered to talk about the possible endo. (He's a grumpy old man with a rubbish bedside manner!) he said I was stressed and was producing excess stomach acid. The burning has stopped but the bloating and wind is terrible. I've finished my period now and it's still ongoing.

After all that! 😊 my question is - Are these all signs of endo??

I'm paranoid! My mum has recently been diagnosed with MND, my best friend died of ovarian cancer last year and my sister tried taking her life this year. I Get very anxious over my health nowadays!

If they are symptoms of it I will try and do an endo diet, and try to reduce my estrogen etc

Thanks all xxxx

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Bumping x


Hi the main symptoms of endo are lower abdemen pain, hip back pelvic groin pain, and can cause bladder and bowel problems, painful sex, and periods, but endo is a weird one and can present it self in many ways, ask your gp to refer to a gyne preferably a bsge specialist centre, xxx


I've been diagnosed with Stage 3 Endo after suffering for 30 years with bloating, pain, gas, diarrhea. It's definately linked to my cycle and it's terrible the week before my period and the first two days of my cycle. It's progressively become worse now that I'm in my late forties. After a laparoscopic surgery, removal of one ovary, Fallopian tubes and DNC, I'm considering an ablation in my uterus or a hysterectomy because I can't be far from a bathroom and struggle at work. Some days each month I'm afraid to eat because I know the repercussions. It's an extremely frustrating autoimmune disease that no doctor seems to know how to help you with. I'd like solutions to my gastrointestinal distress because I live a clean, alcohol free, life and still suffer. I just want relief from my suffering!!! The stress I get is from the worry of how this disease will effect me in public or at work when no one understands it.


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