Don't know what to do

Hi all, hope your all doing ok,

After toing and throwing from pal it still looks like I'll be waiting another 4-8 weeks for op, but consultant has said I can come of zolodez, bit that was when he thought he could expedite my appointment, so I had my last injection 5 weeks ago, and this week I feel terrible , pains up, dizzy, sickness, funning heads,

But I've had a busy few weeks, and I have felt like this while on injection, my husband seams to think I've been happier and able to control pain more, whilst on rhem.

I don't know what to do, have another one or not, I'm a week late now, for injection,

Feed up with making decisions that don't seam to effect me for the better.

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  • I will be in the similar situation in 4weeks time.

    I don't really want another decapetpyle injection before surgery.

    But it will be another 4-10weeks before surgery. I've heard it will take 4 weeks or more to wear out so I am half thinking go without it for a while and see what it will be like.

    Also the surgen might be able to see endometrial cells better if I am not no the injection?

    I do worry about more disconfort and pain but I wouldn't know if I don't try...

    But yes, it is your decision! x

  • I know, that's my main worry, if I stay on then untill op, could it show up still in op,

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