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Help re Endo Centre in Kent

Hi All,

I am hoping people can PM me with useful info re endo and also fertility centres in Kent. I need to find the best possible care (hopefully via NHS) re endo removal and also in conjunction fertility treatment. I've had a look at the accredited list link and note that the nearest is NHS in Maidstone but I've had a look at the website and can't see specific endo treatment. This will be my fourth surgery...

I've also seen a provider in Tonbridge that is both NHS and private, with one specific consultant named. (My consultant is only doing private currently.)

I'm in a situation where I need advice re IVF (get that treatment resolved) and then probably a full hysterectomy/excision surgery. I want my life back! If people can PM and clear info about consultants and providers privately that would be great.

Please help!

Star x

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