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Response from my welsh assembly member

I had a response from my welsh AM to my letter about endometriosis. It focuses more on endometriosis in wales but also mentions new NICE guidelines coming into affect in 2017 which might help people get diagnosed quicker....maybe.

I can't attach the file but have tried to copy and paste it below.

Julie James AM

Assembly Member for Swansea West

National Assembly for Wales

Ty Hywel

Cardiff Bay


7 July 2016

Dear Julie,

Thank you for your letter of 14 June about endometriosis.

I recognise the impact endometriosis can have and am aware that many women across

Wales suffer with endometriosis and understand that for a number of women it can be a debilitating condition.

Fairer Treatment for Women in Wales have recently published a report on endometriosis

treatment in Wales and as a direct response to this report I have asked officials to work with the Women’s Health National Specialist Advisory Group to review care pathways and provision for women with endometriosis in Wales. The objective of this work will be to improve equity of care across both primary and secondary services and raise awareness of the condition amongst clinicians.

In addition to this, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is due to

publish guidelines on the diagnosis and management of endometriosis in 2017. Once published, all health boards will be expected to comply with this guidance as part of their routine care pathway. This guidance will be discussed at the Women’s Health National Specialist Advisory Group and will be used to inform future service provision.

I hope this is helpful.

Yours sincerely,

Vaughan Gething AC/AM

Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet dros Iechyd, Llesiant a Chwaraeon

Cabinet Secretary for Health, Well-being and Sport

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Well done you!!! Xxx


I'm quite impressed by the response, just shows what an email can do. I hope the new NICE guidelines in 2017 are better than what we currently have to go through.


I'm not surprised hunni!

& it most certainly does :) nothing wrong with trying eh :) I'm still awaiting another reply from my local mp, been a while since I first posted the letter up and not heard anything since.

I hope they guidelines are alot better hunni xxx

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