Hi again, so today I go back to see my consultant (the one who acts like I'm making everything up and dismissed endo 6 weeks ago because I have three children and my pain is constant)

I'm worried about what he will say today. There seems to be absolutely no pattern to my pain. It's very much in the left side, lower abdomen and back and is worse when sitting down. It can also hurt everytime I take a step and I get shooting pains down my leg and groin. It seems to come in waves and I have some pain almost every day but my periods have become unbearable after coming off the pill a few months ago.

I'm worried that he will dismiss me again with ibs tablets or if he will do the laparoscopy it will find nothing and il be back to square one.

I'm not 100% convinced it's endo but I have no clue what else it could be

Sorry just needed to let off some steam but any advice would be much appreciated

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  • My symptoms are very similar to these as well as lower back ache and I have endo in the pouch of Douglas and left uterosacral ligament. It does sound like endo to me so don't let the consultant fob you off!! So many of them don't understand how difficult it can be living with this horrible condition. Good luck, let me know how you get on! K. X

  • Sat in the consultants room while he looks at my ultrasound scan again but I'm basically about to be told I've pulled a muscle and be discharged from gyne 😡

  • are you ok? What happened? X

  • Hi sorry for the late reply and a huge thank you for your concern. The consultant was trying to fob me off saying my pain was a pulled muscle but I wouldn't leave until they did something more or refered me to someone else. Anyway, long story short I'm booked in for a laparoscopy on the 16th of August. I'm super paranoid that they won't find anything but I'm super glad they're going to have a look x

  • I hope you get the results youre looming for or the answers is perhaps more apt. Little tip for after op, I found liquorice and peppermint tea a godsend for the gas pain xx

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