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Help please, not keen on consultant\surgeon

Hi Ladies,

I'm a newbie on here, posted a while back that I had an ultrasound for suspected hernia and the radiologist found 2 masses. One suspected to be an endometrioma on my abdominal wall next to my belly button and not really anywhere near my c-section scar, and one in my liver.

My gp referred me to a specialist gynaecologist for the endo and for an MRI for the liver. I finaly had my appt with the gynae on Friday and I have soo many concerns.

He was quite patronising and didn't seem to listen or care really about my concerns. He brushed off and kind of laughed at my gp's and the radiologist's concerns. He has booked me in for surgery to remove the endometrioma and said that he may need to do this in 2 operations, which it was to my understanding that when removing an endometrioma to rupture it would cause more problems. So the thought of him needing 2 ops for one endometrioma is scaring me if i'm honest.

I was also told by my gp that I would probably need a lap.I asked the gynae and he said no he doesn't see any reason why I should have one because he couldn't find any reason from my internal exam,but if i have an endometrioma would't I have endometriosis???

I also looked him up and yes he is a gynaecologist but has no interest in endo, more interested in pelvic floor and incontinence. I am baffled why I have been sent to him when there are at least 5 other gynaecologist within that hospital that have a specialist interest in endo.

I do not get a good vibe from this guy and not loving the idea of him performing this surgery. Am I within my right to request a referral to another gynae and how do I go about doing so?

I am booked to see my gp this afternoon for the MRI results so will voice my concerns but if anyone has any advice that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks xx

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Always, ALWAYS listen to your gut. Ask to be sent to a different consultant. You are well within your rights! xx

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Go with your gut instinct. If your not happy with him request to see someone else x


Hi Hun, have a look on the BSGE website for a centre close to you. The scroll down to find the named endo specialist. You can then tell your GP for a referral to them. You are right , if you have an endometrioma then you have endo elsewhere. Endometriomas vary rarely rupture as the cyst wall is very thick.

Good luck


Your options depend on where you are in the UK?


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