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hi all, so I'm going for my pre op assessment today, and I'm so worried they are not going to find Endo next week during my lap! I've waited so long for someone to take me seriously but now I'm panicking.. Not only that a newish symtom (warning tmi) so sometimes when I go for a bowel movement there's alittle blood on the tissue, I had a fissure two years ago which did heal and only alittle tender, I remember the pain very well from the fissure! Any who go to friday went for bowel movement wiped and blood on tissue I was like right okay but turns around and was everywhere alot more blood then I've ever seen, even when I had the fissure there was never that much blood. So I thought maybe I reopened the fissure (even tho just tender and I get bad pain on my right lower abdomen when I go, to Saturday and sunday still blood alot and even when I went just for a wee,,,, I'm just panicking, we get told for so long they wont find anything that I'm just worrying and I know I shouldn't, my hubby is trying to help but he doesn't understand fully bless him, do u think I'm just over thinking? .

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Don't over think it. I had my lap 6 days ago and was worried they wouldn't find anything because my pain was only really in the back and legs. But they found it and lasered it. Try not to worry and Just go with the flow. It shows in so many different ways but they must be fairly sure to do the lap. Good luck and hope you get the answers you want x


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