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My rant - getting it off my chest

So. I am lay in bed again. Fatigued, hormonal, aching and full of wind. I don't want my husband or my son affected by this so I try to play down the symptoms. I am pig sick of feeling about a hundred years old and fit for nothing.

I have fought through the tiredness and stomach pains most of the day and I missed telling my son a bedtime story because I couldn't fight anymore. How many other things will this stupid thing rob from me??

My friends and family know me as a loud mouth with energy and enthusiasm. This illness makes me sluggish and quiet. My brain is so drained that I struggle to think and make sense. I should be visiting my dejected friend or helping my single mum sister. I should be cooking my family tea and walking the dog.

I feel weak and unhappy. I feel like a burden. I hate this.

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I'm right there with you, it's a never ending battle and takes so much out of you. I often feel like everything is being robbed from me, I hardly do anything or see anyone any more, I feel like I've lost who I was. On the better days I take solace in doing anything that makes me feel normal, but when I've had a string of bad days stuck in bed, it's so difficult to find comfort in anything.

At least we know we're not alone xxx


Thanks Ella. I am struggling with the enormity of this, it reaches in to everything. Hard to be positive about a life without chocolate when you are hormonal!


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