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Left to deal with it on my own

Left to deal with it on my own

Hi all, I'm 25 years old and fed up. Where to start? Well, I was initially diagnosed in 2013, I had a huge cyst on my ovary, it burst the day before I was due an operation. I had a laparoscopy a few months later and they found deposits of endo on my ovaries and womb. After that I tried the depo, numerous pills and am currently in my 3rd year of the mirena. I had another lap in Dec 2014, once again they found large deposits of endo, scarring and adenomyosis too, they burnt it off and discharged me, saying there was nothing more they could do. They referred me to a gastroenterologist (scraping the barrel) who deemed it a waste of time as I wasn't having any bowel problems.

So now I'm on my own with no doctor helping me. I'm on solpadol, naproxen, norethisterone and cymbalta which is an anti-depressant and painkiller (though yet to feel the painkiller side). I have put on a ridiculous amount of weight since my second lap which makes me miserable and depressed. I can't work because I am in pain all the time and sometimes collapse from the pain being so bad. I can't take it anymore, it's ruining my life. I'm 25, I want to go out and enjoy myself. I want to use my degree and work. I want to have no pain!

I genuinely do not know what to do, my GP doesn't care, he's useless, I haven't had a scan or anything since my last lap. I just am at the end of my tether and am so fed up!

I want a hysterectomy. I know that's not something to me taken lightly and I know it can have serious health implications but I do not want to live my life in pain. I don't want kids, never have, never will. I argued with my previous doctor about this, he said I was 'too young' but I think women should be allowed to choose and I know that I will never want kids and I hate that my doctor implied that's all I would want later in life! Pssh!

Some advice would be great. I want my life back.

Photo is of a gift from after my last operation.

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I have also tried Zolodex which did absolutely nothing


Hi, a hysterectomy will not cure the endo. You need excision surgery with a specialist at a BSGE centre. Search on here for a lady called Lindle and look at her posts on treatment pathways and how to get a referral to a BSGE centre.

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