Stabbing pain in vagina

I was diagnosed with endometriosis two years ago after having a laparoscopy. Recently though I've developed a new pain, specifically on the left side of my vagina/pubic bone. I feel like I'm being prodded with a tampon or something and I can't find any relief for it! I have to constantly change how I'm sitting because of this insane pressure and even though it's only a small problem, it's really getting me down. Has anyone had any experiences of something like this? Any idea of what it may be? I don't know whether contacting my GP is a bit dramatic or time-wasting, but I just can't get rid of this pain and am starting to worry. Any personal experiences would be much appreciated! xx

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  • Yes, I have that pain, although for me it is at the top of my vagina, as if someone is stabbing a knife into my cervix. I have endo in my Pouch of Douglas which is what causes that pain according to my consultant. I find co-codamol helps a bit for it, but definitely have it checked out. Were you originally treated by a general gynaecologist or at a BSGE centre? General gynaecologists often miss endometriosis in the Pouch of Douglas, so it may have been there all along and missed.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply! I was treated by a general gynae and they definitely didn't mention anything about possible endo in my pouch of douglas! Unfortunately my nearest BSGE centre is absolute miles away so I think I'm just going to have to pester my GP for another referral. It's only a small problem but it causes me pain consistently (which gets worse when I need a BM, sorry for the TMI!), so it's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one with this and that it is a real problem. Thank you again. xx

  • Were you given a rectovaginal exam to feel for any nodules? If, as sounds possible, you have rectovaginal endo it could be in the rectovaginal septum (the space between the vagina and rectum) and nodules here can be felt by palpation in the vagina. This area is not in the peritoneal space and can't be seen at a lap. The POD is but that is also often not looked at or taken as normal when it is not. Most importantly general gynaes are not allowed to touch this form of endo and you would have to be prepared to go to a BSGE centre for treatment.

  • I sometimes get a quick sharp pain in my vagina but it doesn't last long. Usually the stabbing pain I have regular is up my bum and that one is excruciatingly painful.

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