Am I over thinking?

Hi all I'm new to this but want some opinions for people that may have been in the same boat as me or just living with the condition.

So with my endo I've been rather lucky since coming off the cop that my periods have been quiet regular, if they are late they normally start one or two days later.

Currently my period is a week late, In between periods I have had unproductive day sex. I feel sick all the time and have pains in my abdomen, peeing a lot and gone off my food which I get anyway because of my endo.

I had a miscarriage three years ago so am happy for a baby but no that it's going to be difficult. P.s. We haven't been trying to conceive.

Is it just wishful thinking or is there a chance a could be pregnant.

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Of course there is a chance you could be pregnant, take a test to put your mind at rest one way or another, good luck xx

Might as well do a test to check. I have severe endo and an pregnant after a miscarriage and years of trying. Good luck x

There's only one way to find out :):) good luck either way x

Only one way to find out :) either way, let us know :)

Hi there .I am new to this site also but just read you're text,I will tell my storybas short as i can.I discover that I had endo last year April,little ones not yet the fact of having a surgery ,which at the end I had it this year on March as they grow so big...😮.My point is that I was trying to conceive for more than2 years now and still nothing .Just had a scan last week to discover the endo reaper, is on my left ovary.Surgery have been done on both, bilateral, they where so big (4 .35 left and 2.5 right )grade 2 from 3 I have been told.I will have a appointment in November for infertility treatment. To be honest I was shocked last week to find out that it came back so quick. It is starting to be stressful for both of us me and my huby. Hope we are going to win at the end this debate.Forgot to say I am 32 my huby 37;we really want a baby 😢😢😢😢

I would suggest you to start to conceive as it may not be successful and like that you will make things happen quicker that it was for me...Talk with you're consultant so you can start all you need to do just because all the appointments it's taking so soooooooo long it will be really stressful at one point. Good luck!!!

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