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Advice needed!!!!!😖😱

Hello everyone

So I'm now 3 weeks post laparoscopy and being diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis I've been fitted with the marina coil and been bleeding constantly since my op and having the coil fitted but today whilst going to the loo when I wiped there they were two 4cm tissue like clots (really apologise for the graphics) but I've never seen anything like it Ive had pain come and go throughout today aswell I'm just wondering if this is a normal thing to happen after having the mirena coil???? again sorry for the detail but I'm quite worried and slightly scared

Please help any advice or personal experience would be a massive help



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Hi Emmajane

Hope your feeling ok?

All Sounds very scary.

I would definitely recommend seing your doctor.

I haven't got personal experience I'm afraid. But have adenomyosis(which causes clotting)and lots of other issues with my uterus, so always stayed clear of the coil.

I do hope you've found an understanding doctor and are feeling better.

Big hug x

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Hi Emmajane,

I recently had the mirena coil fitted to control my endo, and so far have had a few clots (quite small compared to yours), bleeding and cramping on and off, but everyone's experiences are different. The best thing to do would be to call your GP to make sure everything is okay and to put your mind at ease. Your poor uterus has been through a lot recently, so it'll take a little while to recover, but your GP/Gynae would know best and would be able to provide you with all the right info!

I really hope you're doing okay, and I hope you're feeling a little better. xx

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