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So fed up!!

I cannot tell you how fed up I am with being ill!! What with my menstrual problems and catching just about every bug going from the school I work in! I was ill for a whole term with one thing after another, chest infections, and so on! Had a sickness bug last week and now have come home after being ill all day and I'm burning up and feeling terrible on the sofa! When does it end!!! Arrrgghhh rant over lol x

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I know how you feel. I spent four months of college on and off sick, endo pain that was so bad I couldn't move, chest infections etc. You'll get threw it. How long you had endometriosis for?


Haha! I do feel a bit silly for posting this yesterday now I'm feeling a bit better today! It just felt as if I had been unable to do anything due to pelvic pain etc then that went away and I had a sickness bug and then that went and I had an awful virus of some sort! I had been at work all day and was feeling upset I couldn't play with my kids or do the housework :(

I'm not diagnosed yet, after my periods getting worse over the last 2 years I made myself go to the doctors last month! I have my first scan on Saturday and am being referred to a gynaecologist, fingers crossed they will find something.

I hope you ladies are well today X


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