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Worried..! Lap, pill and pregnancy?


So I had my laparoscopy to treat endo on 3rd May. This also happened to be the first day of my period that month, so the surgery it kinda 'halted' my period and I didn't get any more bleeding of any kind.

As an extension of my treatment I was prescribed the pill (Femodene) to take continuously to stop the endo growing back and was instructed to take this on the first day of my period. Well, on 10th June (the day before my holiday) I started getting a very light brownish discharge (which is always how my period starts) so I thought 'yay! I can start the pill!' (even though not great timing the day before my lovely beach holiday, but I was still happy that everything was allegedly working nonetheless!) and started the first pill that day.

What followed was about 2 days of a very small about of dark brown discharg-y stuff which wasn't even enough to fill the smallest of tampons, and no full-on period (or any blood for that matter) ever came about. However I just presumed that was my 'period' and was quite chuffed as it meant I could have quite a lot of condomless sex with my partner during my holiday.

However after reading up on my pill in general (I am getting sore breasts so wanted to check out the side effects) it explicitly says you are not protected from pregnancy unless you've had proper red blood flow and thus a proper period for at least 7 days, and should use condoms during this time. I didn't use a single condom and now I am worried.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated! I'm also waiting for a call back from my Consultant but am itching for advice in the meantime!

Thanks x

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Oh honey this is a very grey area :) some girls do get pregnant just like that whilst others don't :)

You are not protected in the first week of taking the pill but this doesn't mean type are 100 percent pregnant, just that you were at risk

Best way to find out is to go and do a test ar your GP clinic or hospital. Whilst you are there make sure you ask all the stupid questions you can think of so you know for the future. I have been forgetting to take one or two pills pretty much every month and I haven't had any accidents ( Yet!) although I pretty much put myself at risk

I guess the endo is working as a form of contraception too...


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