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So the wait continues

So..18 weeks ago I was put on the waiting list for a lap and bowel dissection along with adhesiolysis....I had my preop 14 weeks ago and then patiently waited for a date...my pelvic physiotherapist pushed me to chase for a date and 6 weeks ago I called the booking manager to be told to stop calling (I'd called once) and that she would call me when she had a date..which wouldn't be for a while as I needed 3 surgeons in total..she finished the call by telling me to be patient!! I got pals involved 4 weeks ago and they have tried to push forward but they contacted me on Friday to say that due to me needing more than one surgeon they had been told by the booking manager that I'm in for a long wait as they can't get any surgeons together to do it!! I'm just so frustrated I'm in pain every day and struggle to get through work each day and just feel like my life is constantly on hold..sorry to rant on I'm just so fed up :-(

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I assume this is at a BSGE centre since a general hospital would not be allowed to carry out this surgery and surgeries at BSGE centres routinely require advanced gynaecologists, colorectal surgeons and urologists to be present. This is part and parcel of what they are required to do and if a BSGE centre is unable to get together the required 3 surgeons for endless months then they will not be fulfilling the criteria for carrying out the required number of complex surgeries each year in order to maintain their accreditation. It's most odd. Is it definitely a BSGE centre that is treating you because if it isn't you will really have a serious complaint against them for being in breach of the NHS contract for treatment of severe endo. If it is a centre then you will need to complain both to the BSGE itself and the Royal college of gynaecologists.

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Hi lindle thanks for the detailed response it's not a bgse hospital it's just a general hospital I wasn't aware that they should have referred me..they've been 'trying' to treat me for many years but at no point has anyone suggested or mentioned a referral!? So now I'm really confused and don't know what to do??


You have a lot of posts so it will take a while to get a feel for your history but it is clearly very complex and fraught with complications over the years. Going back many years you would have expected to be dealt with by general gynaecology because that is all we had but we have had specialist centres now since 2009 for the express purpose of preventing general gynaecology dealing with complex cases. The surgeons at centres have advanced training. Just a quick glance indicates that your case is very complex and for you to be told that you will have a long wait because of problems getting the surgeons together when these are already in place at centres is just appalling. Can you send me the name of your gynaecologist and hospital by private message so we can check the level of his training. I'll then go through your posts in the next few days and see where you go from here. x


Is it UCLH? They are experiencing unexpected staffing issues. Everything is put back by 2-3 months.


Same here i need two surgeons not 3 unlike you and i was told feb id be operated on. That was december haaa still not had pre op.

I cant book anything holidays abroad,camping,trips away incase letter comes.

Quit my job, for a more manageable one,workload wise.

Absolutely s##t ! Wouldnt wish this on anyone


I would still go ahead with holiday trips may be keep them in this country. No point try to keep your life on hold. My gynae consultant is extremely efficient. When I asked him when my next op will be, he just got his mobile out and counted the weeks and told me the date! That was later confirmed with the other two surgeons and all booked.

Try to enjoy yourself and live your life despite the endo.


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