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Pain relief

Hi all, I have been suffering with lower abdominal pain for about 4 months, my doctors and consultant suspects endometriosis. I am currently on the waiting list for a lap, I am trying to take as little pain killers as possible because the side effects are worse than the pain at times. Has anyone tried anything that works to help control the pain without pain relief medications

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Hi Helen, i tried to avoid painkillers unless it was really bad and I find a hot water bottle really helps and drinking hot water I usually put fresh ginger or mint in but you can have it plain, hope this helps.


Hot water bottles - though heat pads (Argos) can be better for long term use - quicker to heat up and less severe on skin.


Tens machine


Endo diet (most important will alleviate a lot of pain by improving symptoms) - see Endo resolved website, focus on cutting out red meat, eggs, dairy first of all, caffeine and alcohol also good to cut out. Weight loss also helps Endo so if anything to lose weight watchers app is great and ties in well with the diet.

Peppermint tea fantastic for bowel endo.

Hope that helps! Xx


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