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Shall i give up?

Hey everyone. Im a newbie here and felt i had to share a little bit of my experience.

When i was a teen i was told that i kost likely had endometriosis combined with IBS. Doctors felt it was too "invasive" to carry out lap surgery and that i would manage symptoms myself. I then had a miscarraige at 16, but went on to have a healthy little boy 2 years later. (Now 10). I was then diagnosed 4 years after my son with pelvic imflammatory disease. That year i had an ectopic pregnancy with left tube removed. There is period background ie very unregular, where i would miss 3-4 periods a year. I went between 32 and 60 days between. Very painful and heavy. 5 yrs later i finally got pregnant again only to discover it was a 2nd ectopic on my right ovary. They left tube intact to try and give me one more shot at pregnancy but the chances where slim. I was also diagnonsed with cysts on my right ovary at that time. 1 year on and things have gone from bad to worse. I get extreme pain during menstrual cycle where i literally cannot walk,msit or lie down. I just cry. Then precisely on my peak ovulation day i get this ache in my right groin, back, buttocks and thigh region. Sometimes radiating to my ribs. I feel bloated and extremely uncomfortable. Ive now had 2 scans including internals. Doctors say there is nothing wrong. I just dont know what to do. Shall i fight to be seen? Shall i give up and try my hardest to live this way? Your comments would be so appreciated ladies.

Thankyou for your time xxx

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Keep fighting. You most likely have endometriosis by the sounds of it, so ask to be referred for a diagnostic laparoscopy. Don't muddle on, it's not going to get any better. You deserve to live a pain free live, so fight for that. Go back to your GP and demand a referral to see the gynecologist. It's best to get this process started sooner rather than later as it can take a while.

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Your kind words mean so much right now. Thank you. I have a BF who is not very understanding and hearing such kind words gives me hope. I am going to call my doctor first thing and get an appointment. The thing is when i dont have pain i feel like i am a fraud and should leave it. But i must not forget the pain when i have it! Which is alot!

Thank you again xxxx


Don't feel like a fraud! The pain comes and goes depending on hormone levels and you should never feel like a fraud when you are pain free for a moment. I know what you are saying though, I have struggled with heavy, painful periods since I got my first at age 12 and I clearly remember going to the doctor's when I was about 14 or 15 to complain for the umpteenth time about my pain (it was so bad I needed to miss days of school each month). He asked me if I had a period at the moment and I said yes. He looked at me and said "Well, I don't see you rolling on the floor in pain right now." The pain just happened to be a bit better that day, but I never forget that horrible feeling where you know no one will ever take you seriously and everyone thinks you are making it up. That's when I gave up fighting and it wasn't until I had a miscarriage at age 28 that they found severe endometriosis and I was (temporarily) relieved of my pain. Don't make the same mistake I made, don't live your life in pain.


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