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Endo on the bowel?

I had my lap last year and ever since i have had a pain under my left rib cage. The doctors have put this down to ibs but i know there's a lot more to it than that. It feels like i can feel my organs inside of me as if something is stuck together and it's extremely discomforting, i can't even sleep on my left side. And call me paranoid but im pretty sure that my left rib cage slightly sticks out more by a few mm. I've felt the area and I cant feel any lumps but i just have no idea whats going on. The past 3 days this pain has become so much worse, ive had the runs and feel extremely nauseous. Im 20 and feel as though they wont keep on putting me through operations at this age after only having one a year ago. Any suggestions, anyone else have similar pain? Oh and i must add that occasionally i get stabbing pains in my chest too, doctors have dismissed this but im extremely fit and healthy so it's a little worrying.

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Hi hunny, when you had your lap last year was it in a bsge specialist centre????


Hi I had a lap on Monday and they told me I don't have endo but they have took a biopsy from the tissue around my bowel. They haven't told me what they think it is or anything..when you had your lap did they take a biopsy from your bowel xxx


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