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Recent mirena coil fitted, light period for a month since but heavy period pain?

Hi everyone. I had a laparoscopy nearly a month ago with mirena coil insertion and since then I've still been bleeding lightly a month on, spotting and stopping and starting. What feels like horrendous period pain has been so bad again recently a few days here and there but mainly past few days as I've been weaning myself off tramadol so guess it's been that. I still have a health issue unsolved re bowels but I just don't get how I can be in so much pain with a period when it's hardly anything compared to months before with same amount of pain. Unless of course it's the bowel issue making pain worse or just that. Is this all quite normal with mirena and how much longer should I carry on like this until I speak to the dr about ongoing light bleeding with bad pain? I've been given something new to take to build up with whilst coming off tramadol completely which seems to be helping but more right now. Thanks, just want some advice please and shared experiences. Xx

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