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A new beginning

I have reached a turning point, 48 hrs ago I went down for my total hysterectomy and excision surgery, it was complicated and the endo was much worse than expected, left ovary stuck to bowel, rectum stuck to back of uterus. But it's all been dealt with by a specialist and they were able to do it keyhole so I'm currently sat at home with a welcome cuppa. My pain has been minimal but is starting to be a bit more intense on the left where the worst of the trouble was. Feel a bit tearful on and off and expect the menopause symptoms to kick in at some point soon. Overall I am feeling positive for a more pain-free and active future xx

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So glad to hear it, take it easy and I hope you heal well. I have 8 weeks to go before I will undergo the same surgery as yours, although I hope the endometriosis is not as complex. Strangely enough I am looking forward to it, can't wait to get rid of all the endometriosis.


Hi did you have ovaries removed as well?


Glad to hear it all went well, rest as much as possible and keep up to date with pain meds, how old are you? And wS you given hrt?



Take plenty of painkillers. Hope you recover well.


Glad you feeling ok. Take it easy.

I am having total hysterectomy and both ovaries and fallopian tubes removed, plus excision of any endo and they are hopefully going to do it via laparoscopy so good to hear yours went well X


To a pain free future!😘


Keep strong and smiling! Xx


Everything came out, a reproductive fire sale you could call it. Very sore today on the left, moving as much as possible and still trying to stay positive. No HRT yet, want to try and avoid it I'm 49, however I feel like an emotional wreck today so will have to see how I go.


Hi, I'm having this surgery on the 27th with the same or similar complications re bowel, but it's my uterus that's stuck to it.

The only thing I'm really worried about is not being able to feel anything when it comes to arousal/ sex etc once recovered. Has anyone discussed that with you? I have read really bad stories about not being able to feel aroused after a total hysterectomy etc and I'm thinking that will kill my marriage.

Can you let me know how you're feeling and if this was all covered by the surgeon. I'm seeing Andrew Kent who is at the Royal Surrey.

My email address is susan74.venton@gmail.com

Thanks in advance

Susan X


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