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Seen at BSGE Centre but not by specialist...

Hello everyone,

I finally got my referral to a local BSGE centre, after a bit of a set-to with my GP and read up on the specialist who I'd be seeing. I took the day off work and drove an hour to get there only to find the specialist wasn't available and I'd be seeing one of his 'team'.

The guy I did see was very lovely and informative about endo in general. My previous MRI, done when I was seeing a general gynae, was pretty inconclusive and he said he couldn't justify repeating it - which was a shame as I know from past experience that they have much better equipment at the BSGE hospital.

On clinical exam the general gynae found adhesions and said my uterus was attached to my bowel. This guy didn't examine me but booked me in for a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to 'see what's going on', explaining that it would be necessary to have a second lap for further treatment should things prove to be a bit messy in there.

I came away glad they're doing something but started to wonder why I couldn't have all the necessary treatment in one go since I am now at a specialist centre... Is it usual to have multiple surgeries? I'm worried that I've become a guinea pig for a trainee. I know doctors need to train but I've had bad experiences with students before and am not really comfortable with being opened up by anyone other than the main man.

Has anyone else found themselves with a whole load of burning questions a few days after their appointment? Who do you contact in this situation?

I also forgot to mention (left my notes in the car which was parked miles away) a few symptoms which may be very relevant to locating any endo.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thank you x

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At the BSGE initial consultation it can happen that you are seen by the consultant's registrar. I don't think that means he will be the one doing the surgery as well. If you are not comfortable being treated by that man, call the centre and discuss your worries with the nurse. I told the nurse when I got there that I would prefer to be seen by the main consultant and she booked me in with him. Always worth to ask.

As for the multiple surgeries, that is what they might be doing with me as well. I had a laparoscopy 11 years ago and it feels like it has all come back. I am scheduled to have total excision as well as a hysterectomy, but the consultant did warn me that if my bowel was involved to a large extent (which there are no signs off at the moment), he will need to reschedule a separate surgery with the bowel surgeon present. I can kind of understand that - while the BSGE centre has all those surgeons available, I can understand them not wanting to stand by "just in case". They are far too busy for that. If the endometriosis can be dealt with by the consultant, he will obviously treat you for it, so hopefully you will be done in one go.

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There was a notice up giving the specialist's apologies which I only saw after the nurse called me through. I didn't really have time to think about the implications and wish I had asked who exactly would be performing the surgery. The registrar kept using the term 'we' and I assumed he was referring to himself and the consultant. I'll ring up and find out for certain.

That makes perfect sense about not having surgeons on stand by. I hadn't thought of it that way. Again, I was assuming that because my uterus is adhered to my bowel, that there must be bowel involvement but I suppose nobody knows how this has happened as yet. Might not even be endometriosis...

Thanks for your words of wisdom - I do get into such a panic about things!

Best wishes x


It is completely normal to stage the operations in two stages. First to diagnose and plan. The second one to execute the treatment plan. You may also have injections to shrink the lesions in between the two appointments.

Hope you have the first diagnostic op soon

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Just got my pre-op appointment for next week so things seem to be moving along ok.

Thank you for your reply - very reassuring.

Best wishes x


Hi Hun, ask them at your pre op who will be doing your surgery.

Any questions you may think of between now and then write down to take with you so you can ask them. Good luck sweetie.


Hello Jean,

Thanks for your response - I'll get my thinking cap on!

After failing to remember my handwritten notes last time I think I'll create a memo on my phone. I'm unlikely to forget it since I don't wear a watch and rely on it to get to my appointment on time.

Best wishes x


Yeah that's a good idea. Let us know how you get on.

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