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Bowel pain and Tailbone pain

Does anyone get excruciating tail bone and bowel pain when there on there period. Ive had the bowel pain for a while but the tailbone pain seems to have crept up on me in the last few months and its got the point where I find it difficult to sit down without a hot water bottle under my bum. I am off to see my GP this morning for advice. I'm waiting on further IVF treatment so hormonal medication is a no go. I've been using mefanic acid prescribed by my GP last time but I'm a bit reluctant as I heard this isn't good for your fertility either. Any advice would be much appreciated


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I have bowel pain when on period, feel the need to get to the loo quite quickly and have pain with bowel movements too and sometimes blood. I wouldn't describe my pain as in the tailbone but defo can relate to pain when sitting down which I think could be endometriosis in the rectovaginal area and/or the pouch of douglas. The pain i have when sitting down (usually when on period) is more like a deep, internal pain that feels like it could be nearer my cervix area rather than in my tailbone.

My specialist suspects I have a endometriosis cyst in the pouch of douglas area which is causing the pain when sitting down.

This article is quid good, you could see if you have the other tell-tale symptoms which could indicate endometriosis.


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thanks that's a great article I can relate to a lot of what is in there. Unfortunately my GP can only offer me pain relief while undergoing IVf treatment. However this pain does seem to be increasing which concerns me! xxxx


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